Aquatic ecological surveys

High Conservation Value Assessments

Aquatic Ecosystems

Aquatic ecosystems contain approximately 40% of the global vertebrate diversity. Aquatic ecosystems therefore form an integral component of local ecology and landscape, making the conservation and study of aquatic organisms of significant value.

Proposed development has the potential to negatively impact the local water
resources and available aquatic ecosystem services.

Aquatic Ecologists

Our respected team of aquatic ecologists have completed surveys of rivers, wetlands, dams and lakes of all sizes throughout the African continent.

– Aquatic Biomonitoring
– Bioaccumulation Assessments
– Monitoring of Invertebrates
– River integrity (health) Assessments

The “Fish Team” use non-fatal electroshocking techniques, large circular trap nets, seine nets, hand-held nets, gill nets, and rod and line to sample fish species.